Diet and Exercise Plans – How to Choose?

Effective diet and exercise plans are critically important for any successful weight loss, fitness, or health management program.  Whether you are focused on burning stomach fat or want to lose weight without exercise, choosing the proper diet and exercise plan is just about the most important factor in determining whether or not you will obtain your health and fitness goals.

In the most basic of terms, you will lose weight when you eat fewer calories than your body burns.  However, not all calories are created equal and if you are like me, you want to find a healthy way to lose weight and explore ways to speed up metabolism.  In addition, you probably don’t have a lot of time to spend working out, so you want to make sure the exercise routines you adopt are highly effective in burning fat and building muscle.

My goal is to provide you with reviews on several popular diet and exercise plans, interviews with fitness and weight loss experts, and a number of articles and suggestions associated with the healthy way to lose body fat, maintain or obtain a healthy weight, and increase your level of fitness.

However, before starting one of our highlighted diet and exercise plans, you should do some soul searching to determine if you are really ready to take control, make a commitment to the healthy changes which will ensure your success, and tackle those health and fitness goals…

1)     Do you personally believe you have a weight or health problem that needs to be addressed? Said differently, have you really thought about what is motivating you to lose weight or become more fit?  Ideally you are here because YOU are ready to take control, not because a loved one or outside influence is driving you.  No one else can make you lose weight or become more fit.  Actually, external pressure can make things more difficult.  If YOU aren’t the one making the decision to change your life, it will be harder for you to achieve success…and after all, success is what we are working towards!

2)     Have you decided when to start your new diet and exercise plan? Making a firm commitment to change starts by taking action and setting a start date for your health and fitness journey is the first step.  This shows you are motivated to take charge of your life – congratulations!

3)     Can a diet and exercise plan become a part of your daily routine? When you start putting action behind your thoughts and words, it is critically important your new healthy lifestyle changes become a part of your daily routine.  Once your new behaviors are woven into your day to day lifestyle, chances are you will stay with these changes and form new habits…and the longer you comply with your diet and exercise plan, the greater the chances for amazing and sustained results.

If you need assistance in setting your health and fitness goals, please see the article I have written titled How to Increase Motivation through Goal Planning.

I am looking forward to us Breaking the Pound Barrier together!

Angela Bryan

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