Truth About Six Pack Abs Review – Turn Fat Into Muscle

If you want to turn fat into muscle, amongst all the diet and exercise plans I have researched and tested The Truth About Six Pack Abs is probably one of the most popular plans on the internet today.

This program was created by Mike Geary, a certified nutritionist and trainer, and developed to work for both women and men at any level of fitness.  The ultimate goal is to reduce your body fat to a healthy level in order to trim your waistline and achieve “Six Pack Abs”….so is the ultimate solution if you want to turn fat into muscle.

The eBook contains 117 pages overflowing with information on

  • how to eat great tasting and healthy foods that will actually burn fat
  • how your body and metabolism truly function
  • how to properly exercise for optimum results

The concepts in the program are outstanding and proven.  Mike is well read, a great author, and outstanding “coach” when it comes to the healthy way to lose weight.


  • $39.95 – However you can currently try it for 21 days for $4.95 which includes a bonus package valued at $150.89.

Refund Policy

  • 60 day money back guarantee with no questions asked…no risk to you!


  • This program is written for and works for both men and women at any level of fitness
  • Amazing nutritional information to ensure you are losing weight the healthy way
    • Your body’s total calorie needs are explicitly explained
    • Meal plans are designed to ensure you get all the nutrition your body requires
    • Clear discussion on “good” and “bad” foods (you will be shocked by some of his insights!)
  • Shows you how to optimize your workouts so you aren’t spending 100’s of hours at the gym (he actually only recommends three workouts a week).
    • Reveals useless ab workouts (like crunches)
    • Shows unique Full Body workouts to strengthen your body core
    • Teaches you how to increase your resting metabolic rate
  • Mike’s eBook is written in simple, clear terms…you will easily be able to implement the program with the information provided

Bottom line is if you commit to this program and do the work, you will turn fat into muscle.


  • Requires you to commit and DO the work…You need to take action and execute the plan in order to see results
  • Results are not overnight…but realistically no program will provide results overnight.  Bottom line if you are looking for a magic pill or immediate results this program (or any program for that matter) is not going to be for you
  • There isn’t a lot of information regarding Cardio workouts – most of the focus is on weight training and building muscle in order to achieve quick results
  • Some of the nutrition advice is outside of traditional beliefs so you need to keep an open mind
  • While this program has a simple meal plan to follow, the number of recipes provided is few so for some people, implementing the eating plan may be harder than if a robust recipe section had been included.


If you want to turn fat into muscle I highly recommend The Truth About Six Pack Abs program.  The nutritional science is sound, the exercise plan is phenomenal, and for those who want to do the work (like me), results DO HAPPEN.  The added benefit is you have no risk…with the 60 day “no questions asked” money back guarantee, the only thing you can lose is fat!

Breaking the Pound Barrier together!

Angela Bryan

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