The Diet Solution Review – Lose Weight Without Exercise

If you would like to lose weight without exercise, you should check out The Diet SolutionThe Diet Solution is the creation of certified nutritionist Isabel De Los Rios.  Isabel has a degree from Rutgers University in exercise physiology and is also an accredited Holistic Nutrition Coach.

Isabel has based the core philosophy of this program on the metabolism type principle with each metabolism type having a specific dietary approach.  A customized plan with over 20 individual days of meals and snacks including dozens of recipes is provided to you based off your body type.

Most importantly, The Diet Solution program’s approach is about re-programming your relationship with food.  You will find an entire chapter dedicated to why people overeat and how to train your mind to gain long term fat loss and health.  And while you can lose weight without exercise on this program, Isabel includes several great exercise routines in her plan.


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  • A nutrition life style program, focusing on long term benefits, not quick fixes
  • Founded in science, but the program is explained in simple terms which are easy to implement
  • Numerous, customized meal plans are provided based off Body types – so this is not a “one size fits all” approach
  • Emphasis is on nutritious, nutrient rich vegetables, fruits, and high quality proteins including education on healthy omega fats and the benefits to improving heart, hair, and overall health (as well as for losing weight)
  • Huge variety of flavorable meals and menus making it easy to “stick to” as consumers will not get bored with food choices
  • Program has a quick start guide which allows the user to get started immediately
  • Program offers a step by step program which includes recipes, and shopping lists
  • Isabel makes herself available through email to answer questions
  • Includes several additional supportive materials
  • Men and Women will find the program beneficial as will varying ages and fitness levels including those who wish to lose weight without exercise


  • Does not easily accommodate the needs of vegetarians
  • Not a “quick fix” so if you are looking for large weight loss in a quick time you should not purchase this program (but really – is any program going to accomplish that?)
  • Healthy foods may be more expensive than “other”, non healthy versions
  • Although based on science, some of her content (like not counting calories) goes against “traditional” myths and methods so you will need to keep an open mind (but if traditional methods worked, would you still be looking for a solution?)
  • Not a strong focus on exercise (although there some great exercise routines included in the program)


The Diet Solution Plan favors a long term health approach to fat loss.  The nutrition plan is one of the healthiest I have seen with a strong focus on vegetables, fruits, vitamin dense foods, lean proteins, select dairy, and produce.  Evidence shows you will lower your current blood sugar levels, lower your cholesterol, increase your energy, and also improve your digestive system.  In addition, she suggests simple steps to mentally prepare yourself for a change by establishing and visualizing clear goals you are determined to obtain.

Because the program has a clear focus on overall health, is based on sound scientific research, and offers a variety of food options which won’t bore you to tears, I definitely recommend The Diet Solution Program whether you want to lose weight without exercise or include exercise in your health and fitness goals.

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Angela Bryan

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